ASUS Gives ROG HORUS GK2000 RGB Lighting

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In early 2016 ASUS debuted the ROG Horus GK2000 mechanical gaming keyboard. Its design, complete with a large aluminum frame and wings, makes it a striking companion for statement builds. But the red backlighting is at odds with the multicolored revolution taking over LEDs, leaving room for refinement.

 For the new ROG Horus GK2000 RGB, we kept the same great features of the original but added key improvements to make it stand out even more. The addition of RGB lighting is always welcome, but there’s more to doing it well than just throwing in some LEDs and calling it a day. Our intuitive software lets you adjust the lighting behind each key to get the exact look you want. There are numerous effects built in, and you can even change the tempo and direction for some of them. Thanks to Aura Sync, the Horus can synchronize its lighting with other compatible hardware to harmonize all the RGBs in your PC. The expanding Aura SDK will also give third-party developers the ability to utilize the lighting to communicate system stats, notifications, game-specific functionality, and more.

Personalization goes beyond LEDs; the behavior of every key on the Horus is customizable, and there are five additional keys specifically for macros. The GK2000 RGB doubles the internal storage for macros and profiles to 8MB, so you can connect to any PC and use your 10 stored profiles without installing any software.

The keyboard's body is the same as the original: sleek, brushed aluminum with a black anodized finish. Key caps float over the top of the frame for a nice aesthetic that’s also easy to clean. Underneath, each Cherry MX red stem is attached to a linear switch that's perfect for rapid and repeated keystrokes. With n-key rollover, you can game confidently knowing that each key press is processed precisely, no matter how many you're making simultaneously.

The Horus also has all the bells and whistles you need for connecting and controlling your other peripherals. Built-in audio ports prevent you from fumbling for the jacks behind your PC, and an analog roller offers quick access to volume control. An integrated USB 2.0 hub adds connectivity for mice and gamepads, as well as the ability to charge your phone while you play. There's even a smartphone tray where you can park your handset while playing games that utilize companion apps.
With a bold aesthetic that can now be modified to match your mood, the ROG Horus GK2000 RGB joins the Claymore and Claymore Core in our family of Aura Sync mechanical gaming keyboards. Check with your local ROG rep for details on regional pricing and availability.

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