ASRock Z77 lineup leaked onto web

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Details of some of ASRock's upcoming Z77 motherboards appeared on the web, you can expect to see the H77M, H77 Pro4/MVP, Z77 Pro4, Z77 Pro4-M, Z77 Extreme4, Z77 Extreme6, Fatal1ty Z77 Professional and Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M. The last three of those models have made appearances on various websites and the Z77 Extreme6 has been extensively detailed as you can see below. Vrzone:

For starters it has three x16 PCI Express ready slots, of which the first two are PCI Express 3.0 slots that will operate in dual x8 mode when both slots are in use. It's not clear as to what the third slot is, but presumably we're looking at a x4 slot here. The board also has a PCI Express x1 slot, two PCI slots and a mini card PCI Express slot

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