ASRock Phantom graphics cards seem to be Colorful products?

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Yesterday ASRock announced its Phantom Gaming series graphics cards. ASRock will carry the RX 500 series of products in different flavors and choices. However, if you look at the product photos, you might see some resemblances as the coolers look very similar to those from Colorful.

Yesterday when the cards where announced, I was like, I swear I've seen that design before, then it hit me .. Colorful. If we advance on that thesis, Colorful (Chaintech subsidiary) has been trying to get a grip in the EU and USA markets, however, have done a very poor job accomplishing that, their marketing teams are pretty much barely even speak English. 

For Colorful, however, and this is a bit of brain-fart, Nvidia GPP likely is in effect as well so Radeon cards are not something they had/have planned. So, selling AMD Radeon products though ASRock rebranded would be a solution to bypass certain restrictions and still get a can of whoop-ass marketing funds from team green. If you look up some photos of the two brands, you'll know what I am getting at. 

In the end, though the relevance of all this means nothing, if it all works out hey kudos to ASRock. But let me show you why I think Chaintech could actually be the OEM for ASRock. 

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