AMD VEGA10 Graphics Card Photos

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Over at CES AMD has been showing a thing or two gaming wise, the DOOM 4K demos for example. These all have been run on a VEGA10 graphics card, some photos now has surfaced.

Now before we begin, the photos show en ENGINEERING SAMPLE and have been spotted in a vid from Linus, see source link. And I am writing ENGINEERING SAMPLE capitalized as the PCB is very long here as there are many diagnostic things on-board including diagnostic interface at the rear side (hence the long PCB). So the photo says NOTHING about the final product other then the fact these are just fun things to watch photos wise. As earlier information has shown, this VEGA10 sample was fitted with 8GB of HBM2 memory and should have 4096 stream processors.

The card as stated is lengthy due to the engineering design and uses a rather familiar looking dual-slot cooler. The housing is black with the RADEON logo lit up in red. Have a peek.

Click the thumbnails.

AMD VEGA10 Graphics Card Photos

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