AMD Radeon Fury X2 Reference Air Cooled Spotted?

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Over the weekend a new story reached the web, the Radeon Fury X2 (dual-GPU FIJI) would have been spotted and was rumored to be an air-cooled product, photos even appeared. The speculation started as a VR demo kit photo has shown part of a videocard cooler inside a chassis.

AMD recently demoed a production version of the card in one of its launch partners, Falcon Northwest's, Tiki high-end gaming desktop, as a "VR developer box."

Roy Taylor from AMD at the time tweeted, captions a picture of this dev box as being "the world's best DirectX 12 VR developer box," leading the press to speculate that it's running the company's dual-GPU "Fiji" card. That last bit still has to be proofed, as many times the actual new product is not inside such a setup. Remember a XBox launch where PCs where actually used ? :)

If you look at the zoomed in photo you can opnbviously see the fan. For all I care it could be an older generatiopn product. But the speculation right now is that if that is the Fury X2, it would be air-cooled.

Now if you ask me, two GPUs that close to each other, no ... the fan is likely there to coo the VRM area and components, and then liquid cooling for the GPUs, e.g. a Hybrid LCS design in my opinion would make the most sense. Below the photos, the card you see added (photoshopped) is the reference Radeon R9 390X as comparison, so the real question is this, did AMD actually use an X2 in the demo setup ? Or is that really an X2 likely with its longer PCB and some form of Hybrid liquid cooling ?

AMD Radeon Fury X2 Reference Air Cooled Spotted?

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