AMD Phenom II surpasses 7GHz

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AMD lately is very keen on showing overclock perforance based on LN2. A new press reelase came in showing them off clock speeds of no less than a little over 7GHz.

The wonder processor that achieved this speed was the AMD Phenom II microprocessor. The IT enterprise made a video where it demonstrated its ability to rise as high as the aforementioned 7GHz. The wonder didn't stop at that, though, as overcloskers put all their effort, knowledge and skill into conquering the 7.1 GHz record by using the Phenom II X4 955 Black edition.

According to the CPU-Z validation database, the highest clock speed ever attained by that AMD Phenom II X4 is of 7.127GHz. Of course, the achievement wasn't possible through 'reasonable' means and, naturally, there is no way to achieve such a clock speed on a regular platform. The overclockers had to seriously modify the hardware and use extra resources, such as liquid nitrogen, and all the skills they could muster.

In the end, the overclockers were successful in their attempt to more than double the normal clock speed of the AMD Phenom II X4 955 chip (3.20GHz). The video was made earlier this year during the QuakeCon trade-show, an overclocking event held by Advanced Micro Devices in Austin.

There is a certain fact that could lead to further developments in this area. The processor in question was based on the C2 revision of the core. Since then, however, AMD introduced the C3 revision of the Deneb chip, which, allegedly, consumes less energy and has higher possibilities for overclocking. Considering the ingenuity of the record setters, we can easily assume that they wouldn't shrink from putting together yet another 'unorthodox' contraption that would again break the clock-spreed record.

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