AMD Moving to 12nm Vega and Ryzen in 2018

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AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster shares word that AMD will be moving from the Global Foundries 14nm LPP FinFET process to a new 12nm LP process in 2018. Global Foundries announced that 12LP will begin production in 1Q18.

The news reaches us through Toms Hardware who confirmed that the company will transition both Vega GPUs and the Ryzen line of processors to the 12nm LP process. They however are not sure if he meant that 12nm LP will be a shrink of Ryzen in 2018 and/or if Zen+/Zen 2 will also be using the 12LP process. The question rises as AMD implied that Zen 2 would use the 7nm process. The company has used both "Zen+" and "Zen 2" to refer to its next-generation die.

AMD Moving to 12nm Vega and Ryzen in 2018

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