AMD GPU Havok Physics Acceleration at GDC

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by ImageIt's been rumored and actually announced by ATI for whay .. a year now. But as it seems, GPU-accelerated physics is turning out to be the one part of specifications AMD is working on.

NVIDIA of course did well by  acquiring Ageia technologies, and its PhysX API. When NVIDIA ported the API to its proprietary CUDA GPGPU architecture they suddenly where one step in front of ATI. Though not hugely popular, PhysX is of course a significant PR-tool apart from a feature that is genuinely grabbing game developers' attention.

As a result AMD's initial reaction was to build strategic technology alliance with the main competitor of PhysX: Havok, despite its acquisition by Intel, yet now is taking it a step further.

In the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) event, AMD may materialize its plans to bring a GPU-accelerated version of Havok, which has till now been CPU-accelerated. The API has featured in several popular game titles such as Half Life 2, Max Payne II, and some other Valve Source-based titles. ATI's Terry Makedon, in his Twitter-feed has revealed that AMD would put forth its

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