AMD cuts pricing of several A6 and A8 APUs

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CPU World noticed that three A6 and A8 series APUs have been lowered in price. AMD also revealed the price of the new A10-6790K APU. The A6-6400K received a price cut of 12.7% while the A8-6500 and A8-6600K were slashed by 13.4%.

AMD A10-6790K is a 4 GHz quad-core chip with 4.3 GHz Turbo Core frequency,. which makes it about 1% slower than the A10-6800K. The rest of the specs of both APUs is almost the same: 4 MB L2 cache, HD 8670D graphics, and 100 Watt TDP. The A10-6790K is priced at $122, or 16% cheaper than the A10-6800K. AMD FX-9370 and FX-9590 extreme performance processors were launched in June, and boasted ultra-high operating frequencies (for production x86 parts), countered by very high TDP and "extreme" price. Initially sold for $350+ and $800+, the FX-9370 and FX-9590 CPUs were eventually priced down to a more reasonable level. The official prices of these processors are $224 and $306.

CPU modelBlack EditionOld priceNew priceDifference
A6-6400K Yes $71 $62 12.7%
A8-6500 No $112 $97 13.4%
A8-6600K Yes $112 $97 13.4%
A10-6790K Yes --- $122 ---
FX-9370 Yes --- $224 ---
FX-9590 Yes --- $306 ---

AMD cuts pricing of several A6 and A8 APUs

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