Alphacool X-Flow Series Radiators

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Alphacool expands the extensive range of products in the area radiators to a completely new line: the X-Flow. Thus Alphacool completes its product range with a high-flow series with special characteristics without loosing the known and popular virtues of previous NexXxoS series.

On the contrary, you build continuously on top of the positive things and offer the customer additional possibilities to create his own water-cooling circle. 

The X-Flow series is fully optimized for high flow. In contrast to conventional radiators, the water does not flow into the U-shape through the radiator, but uses the entire width of the channels to flow from one side to the other side of the radiator. It is hardly any resistance within the radiator, what gives guarantee for a high flow. In the meantime, many cases offers assembly areas in whitch radiators can stand upright. Traditional radiators you can hardly bleed useful in such a position. The water is barely capable to press down the air within the radiator what will always be the case of a U-shaped water circulation in an upright position. In the X-flow radiators, this is not the case. If you use the inlet at the lower end, the air is easily pushed out over the top outlet. This eliminates almost all venting problems at radiators

Too long mounting screws are able to quickly demage or even destroy a radiator when a Chamber is hit. Thus, a radiator may quickly leak and become useless if you are not careful. Alphacool already used on Screw Protection in the NexXxos series to prevent such an accident as far as possible. Under the mounting holes Alphacool positioned a special mud guard to protect the radiator exactly up to.

All Alphacool radiators of the XT45, UT60 and Monsta series bid on the input and output three different connection positions. On both copper cavities are three ¼" threads. Each up, down and forward/back connections can be mounted. In the ST30 series the head-side connections (front/back) are omitted due to the small thickness of the copper cavities.

All Alphacool radiators, whitch includes the X-Flow radiators are tested with a pressure of 1.5 bar. It's significantly more pressure than can be built in a PC-water circuit. So the high quality and durability of the radiators is guaranteed. Faulty radiators are excluded during production.

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