Alphacool Introduces the Apex Thermal Paste Rated 17 W/mK

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The new Apex thermal paste is available from Alphacool. With a thermal conductivity of 17 W/mK, it joins the ranks of the market's most powerful thermal pastes. 

The primary goal throughout development was, of course, to improve heat conductivity. However, considerations like as viscosity and durability should not be overlooked. Alphacool was able to optimize the viscosity of the Apex thermal paste, making it particularly ideal for high contact pressures while being simple to produce. Apex Thermal Grease's core constituent is a nano-powder with an extremely low thermal impedance. This allows electronic components to be efficiently cooled, extending their durability and boosting their reliability.

The thermal paste comes in a 4g applicator with a screw-on cover. The supplied quantity is adequate for numerous applications and can be stored in the applicator to keep it from drying out. From 06/16/2022, the Apex 17 W/mK Thermal Grease will be available in the Alphacool online store (item number 1022240).

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