Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Per-Key RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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A shame it's still that expensive, but with the option of individual key lighting, I'm getting interested. Would finally work with my RDFG keyboard gaming use 😉
I'd say the price is very average. Not good, not bad. Tesoro has pretty good build quality and the keyboard comes with nice features. I have the Durandal keyboard, which is largely the same thing as this Lobera model except it only has blue LEDs and a slightly different shape. I got it for around $80, but compared to other brown-switch mechanical keyboards, I thought paying another $15 for the USB hub, macro keys, detachable wrist pad, and backlit keys was worth it. In some ways, none of those features were actually worth the extra cash, because I'm a touch typist (so I don't need the lit-up keys), I mostly use linux (where I can make my own keyboard shortcuts that are even faster to use), and my USB ports don't supply the normal 5v 500mA, so the best I can do with the USB hub is plug in 1 flash drive.
It seems like individual RGB lighting is the focus for new boards, if only they would make an MX blue board with as many dedicated macro keys as the K95, I'd buy that so fast 😀. Still a nice looking KB though and RGB lighting is pretty neat even if it's not actually useful.
Ugly as hell. Why do they keep doing these battleship-command-station-space-mega-lit keyboards. I can see this at the desk of 5 year old ;P