Review: Silicon Power XD80 2 TB (NVMe M2 PCIe 3.0 X4 SSD review)

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I'm getting more & more sceptical about the SLC-cache... I think, this could be an Achilles heel ... I know, that SLC can be written a 100000 times, so 1GB of SLC-cache should be able to endure roughly 100TB of writes... But what happens, in case that cache dies? Drives like a 960 Pro or 970 Pro use LPDDR4 instead of an SLC-cache of any kind and Optane is save as well... But I saw comments on mindfactory, where drives especially with SLC cache broke down, although they neither reached the TBW, nor the 3-5 years of warranty... Does somebody has an idea or experience about that point? Thanx in advance, TJ
The SLC cache is nothing more than a partition of the existing NAND in use. If there are reports that SLC caches die, then it might as well have been the TLC partition, it's physically the same NAND. Same wearing routines are applied to SLC as well, e.g. if a cell dies, it gets disabled. I've been testing SSDs every since the very beginning, and this is the first I am hearing about this as a theory.