Review: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan-Z

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I said it before and I'll say it again - this card is really just a marketing fail. If they called this GPU a Quadro instead of GeForce, the price point would be fair and it's performance would be insanely unparalleled. It has a greater focus on CUDA rather than graphics. There's a reason nvidia didn't want to give people this GPU for testing purposes.
Nice card, but should be 1/3 of that price. This is a win for AMD, hands down. Nice review anyway, boss. Cheers.
I agree that this is card is a marketing fail because there is not a targeted market for this card. Also there are better options out there.
I think the nVidia 7xx and ATI/AMD 2xx series are gonna last for another 12-18 months at this rate. I <3 tech, don't get me wrong, but the current games engines and the recent(ish) console releases have kinda let people know what time it is. And then there is Mantle and Metal and DX12...all looking good for the 7xx and 2xx series of cards...1080P still looks strong...not really seeing the $3K or £2k benefits. Ivory Tower release perhaps? Or just a kiddie-esque tantrum at ATI/AMD which never quite (based on Hilberts' review) paid off? Gotta go down in GPU history as a bit of a stand-out moment of weirdness for nVidia. Someone remind me why they decided to cease discussions with Micro$ and Sony regarding doing the tech for their consoles again? Wasn't it something to do with "oh, we couldn't be bothered to negotiate any more on design" nVidia have got serious attitude problems...need a change of leadership methinks, this is dreadful behaviour over the last 4 years.
Hilbert, that was an amazing way to sum up the Titan Z. An amazing product, but the price makes zero sense at all. That is what I got from your review too before even reading your conclusion. I'm still not impressed with the GTX 880 rumored specs either. I want and hope to see GTX 880 Ti rumors and specs soon.
The 295x2 is overpriced too when you can get 290x for much cheaper. Just not as bad as the titan z. All these dual gpu cards need to go away.
Yep. It's starting to make zero sense if they are honestly that expensive to produce.
WAY to expensive for most people, even with its excellent performance ratings.
~2800 € and it's slower than 2*780 Ti ~1200 €.That company..
Once again ITS NOT A GAMING CARD!!!! Nvidia made the stupid decision to market it as a gaming card. This thing should have been called GTX QUADRO or something similar. It should never have been marketed as a gaming card. Not at its ridiculous price, the card is a complete and utter beast at double precision performance, so it is meant as a professional grade GPU. Nvidia just marketed it as a gaming card, probably mainly to help market the card as gamers have big mouths and are pretty fast at typing on forums such as these. It is free marketing, also Nvidia are probably laughing to themselves because they know some idiot will buy this purely for gaming when they could buy multiple cards for cheaper and in some cases get better performance and less issues. AMD 295x2, 2x 290/X, SLI GTX 780/Ti, all these solutions are cheaper, make more sense, and in MOST cases perform better in games!
A Ferrari kept in a garage would hold it's value. This card will depreciate faster than a lead balloon, within one year this card will only be 999 dollars and 2k down the drain. The price point for what it's worth is way over inflated, at the end of the day it's a gaming card that could be used for a Quadro card, but i'm betting Quadro would be faster than this in a workstation environment.
What if someone bought a Ferrari and never took it to the track? Would you call that stupid?
that's not a very good point. but if you want to take it this way, a ferrari is much more comfortable than a peugeot 206 (for example) and retains its value for decades, even increasing in value after an extended period of time because in 50 years collectors would pay a lot more than the original price. that chick's 2x290x in dota 2 on the other hand, is as 'comfortable' as my gtx560, and it loses its value within years. there's no purpose. it's not cost effective either, the best cost effectiveness is probably somewhere around 300 eur for video cards. buying way WAY more than you need just because you can is snobbery. sure, you can call me biased and I probably am. I've build the pc in my sig to fit my needs exactly, many people told me that 16 gigs of ram is overkill, well if you compose music and render large 3d scenes, it's not. it's just like using my pc for mario bros. makes no sense.
The 295x2 is overpriced too when you can get 290x for much cheaper. Just not as bad as the titan z. All these dual gpu cards need to go away.
I agree because it used to be one of those dual GPU cards would be ideal for a mini ITX builds but since some Graphics card makers and motherboard makers are making cards and motherboards capable of SLIing an in an a Mini ITX rig. There really is no reason for them any more.
Absolutely a great in depth review , this is the second review I have read for Titan-Z as I believe there is no more reviews online about Titan-Z. Thank you so much Hilbert for all that hard work. This is a Gaming Card by all means as per own NVidia and NVidia partners , this is what has been marketed since day 1, towards gamers in reality. Go and read each and everyone of the marketing pages of Titan-Z on eVGA , Asus , etc ... It uses GeForce drivers NOT quadro drivers. 80c+ temps. inside your case it's not good for all the surrounding components ( Heat Furnace LOL ) , for the price of $3,000US Dollars they should have included water-cooling instead of the huge 3 slot monster cooling dumping most of the hot air inside the case. Those very low clocks are really hurting the card performance 😏 also , but nothing can be done , it's a total failure when it comes to overclocking , almost no overclocking headroom at all. This will definitely will go down in history as the biggest FAIL for NVidia, they must have been smoking some weird shiatz when they thought of this card and try to push it at $3,000US Dollars :knock: , with that money I can pay 1/4 of college for my oldest daughter or buy her a nice car :giggle2: , I believe this new dual video cards price is getting wayyyy out of hand , the 295x2 it's outrageously expensive too at $1500~$1600US Dollars :O. The best dual video card for gaming I have ever bought was the nvidia GTX690 , at only $999US Dollars is what I paid for brand new from newegg , it was well worth it at that price point , it lasted me 2 years of gaming goodness without a single problem. Not a single Titan-Z has been sold in the stores online :funny: , all the reviews that you can read on newegg , and amazon are just trolls bashing and making jokes about the Titan-Z LOL that's to be expected as you cannot make orange juice out of lemons 😉. Even myself that I'm into extreme overclocking on LN2 and deal with some crazy overclockers and I know so many people in the industry , I do not know of a single person that has bought one single Titan-Z. My word of advise is , let's penalize this greedy companies with our wallet be it AMD for the high price of the 295x2 or NVidia for the biggest fail of the century Titan-Z , don't buy this over price pieces of hardware to make them realize it's not ok to treat us as fools and make them think twice about making this same mistakes and keep upping the prices every year , this is absurd , ridiculous and totally abusive of them .
no overclocking headroom? are you kidding?
no overclocking headroom? are you kidding?
So tell me you call 150Mhz an overclock :giggle2: , that's not an overclock that's a big failure in the overclocking department LOL , you gotta be kidding and fooling yourself believing 150Mhz is an overclock !
It's also getting old hearing gamers judging this card purely as gaming card. Obviously that makes no sense.
It's nVidia's fault for putting this in the GeForce lineup :P.
A little off topic, noob question: Is software like AutoCad, Solidworks and so on, being optimized for Quadro and Fire Pro or is it visa versa?
I know they have CAD drivers for Quadro cards, it's probably the same for Fire Pro.
Build it and they will come err they will buy it even if it is insanely overpriced and it will be trumpted in years time by some much cheaper card.
This card is an insult to the PC community. If AMD had the same drivers that Nvidia had, the 2x295 would put this card out to pasture in less time it takes me to flick someone the bird.
Its the price that's it plain and simple because it is a killer gamer card and as lane has said its pro uses. They should have just made a press batch then been done with it, just for numbers against the AMD 295x.
This card is an insult to the PC community.
I think this card is a Jensen's personal laughing machine, made just so he can lol at all those folks $#@!()$#@) raging in public forums. I mean do you really really need specifically THIS card instead of say 2x GTX 780/780Ti 3/6GB/Titan/Titan Black. If for some odd reason the answer to the above question for is resounding YES, and you really need slower and more expensive solution, then Nvidia asks $3000 / €2850. Simple as that. If not, then wth is all the fuss about.
And I'm not counting cowie and other enthusiast OCers who would run this card just for the **** and giggles. I suppose they could be genuinely upset
Well if Titan Z was announced on April 1st, we could all laugh about that price, right??RIGHT? But nVidia just made the price unreal, even by they terms. the main rival of the card is not AMD, it was never AMD, it was TITAN Black and 780TI. Want Titan Z double precision, no probs get two blacks, want better gaming performance no need for DP? get two 780TI and that would be the best. 3000$ is really really bad, and the cooler why is good for all GTX cards that are not dual(light year ahead of stupid AMD cooler, 295X2 aside), titan Z better be CTRL+Z.