Review: ASUS Radeon R7-370 STRIX

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(wrong review)
This is probably the one which most people will buy and its the only one of the 300 series that DOES NOT support something so important, like FREESYNC? Wow... that sucks so much ass. Was not expecting for AMD to forget the mass midrange market like this.
Yes I feel they has been very lacking these last few years to really bring very exciting products in that range. Maybe they was hoping to fill that space with APU's. Hopefully the next node will allow them to really scale down the improved Fury architecture. Now with HBM performance may not need to be sacrificed too much, so we can see products next year that performs close to Nano but costs very little and obviously draw very litte power.
Hilbert, on all of the charts it is "R9 370" instead of "R7 370".
Hilbert, on all of the charts it is "R9 370" instead of "R7 370".
Ugh ! Thanks I'll make a note on that.
I'm wondering if this newly relabeled card includes the DSP element? Or is this something AMD has decided to drop, I wonder... Doesn't make much sense for them to leave it out of the third iteration of Pitcairn...they're not pushing it very hard. Never mind...I see it doesn't...
In your article in the conclusion, you say you don't know who you would recommend to buy this, and yes, existing AMD card owners from the 7850 upwards obviously would have no need to buy this but I can easily say that there are plenty of people who just want a cheap and cheerful system, or still game at for example, 720p or perhaps they only play simpler games etc. At ~£80 it makes for a fairly decent card at an entry level to higher detail pc gaming. It can be part of a budget system so people can get PC based entertainment fairly cheaply (thinking of perhaps a £300 budget for a full system). I know that this card brings nothing new, that it is quite old architecture relatively speaking but it is from a price point that allows new PC owners to enter and enjoy PC gaming at quite a respectable level. About the freesync element though, lets be honest, with this kind of card, people are likely going to use a budget monitor/TV with it or using older panels etc, we're not seeing decent monitors with dynamic refresh rates at the low price points at the moment.
I'm sad with R9 370 performance. I'd love to see a direct comparison between Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition, R9 270X and R9 370.
For a 150$ it sounds better than 750ti.
(sigh) Being a EX-R9 270 user, I must say this is just nuts AMD! You could have at'least re-branded the R9 270/270X/7870 chip! You are ripping off customers on no free-sync at'least give them a faster chip to use! But cards like this will still sale better than most! Nobody is going to game at 4K when 1080p monitors still cost way too much at $150! Nobody is going to be dumb enough to pay over $300 for a 4K monitor and then pay Over $300 for a GPU when 1080p looks dam good already! But still AMD screwed up using the 265/7850 chip instead of the faster Pitcarin/Curaco chip!
For a 150$ it sounds better than 750ti.
Hi there Undying , i was in a position of upgrading my htpc graphics. I did a lot and i mean days upon days of research of wish was the best upgrade option for me , my budget was set at maximum of $150 US dollars , but my main goal was to find a low power usage gpu with very low power consumption + low tdp cool running vga , meaning no power hungry cards and no heat monsters for this little upgrade due to my generic 450w psu and a rather small , cheap micro atx small factor htpc case. After many many days of research i came to the conclusion that the 750Ti was the perfect balance of power efficiency , low tdp cool runnig vga. The 370X felt like a slap in the face from amd lol for peopkle like me looking for an upgrade on this price range , literally. In this same price segment $150US Dollars it was either amd 7850 - 7850Ghz edition - 260X -265 - newest incarnation of the same 3+ year old gpu going in 4 years reviewed here by Hilbert , very old 7850 rebrand R7-370 :3eyes: did not fit the bill ( 150w power hungry card heat monster cannot do 😏) so i bought a low profile Gigabyte 750Ti open Box for $95US dollars at newegg 😀 and call it a day. I see no reason for this vga to exist really at all. Hilbert stated on his conclusion of this review , he cannot recomend this 3+ year old gpu and that means a lot coming from the boss itself. I can see a lot of people in my position making the same decision as i did. So yes , in my opinion the 750Ti is the better buy. @ Hilbert excellent review as always , well done.
Bought R7 370 for my secondary system for the kids I've only recently come across this site and I like the reviews so I've "stuck around" per se. Coupla points about the R7 370. Yup, confusing naming. lots of other sites have listed "R9 370" mistakenly too. You finish your nice review by saying you don't know why anyone would buy the R7 370. I bought it because I wanted to stay with AMD and this was for a secondary system for the kids. They have a "budget" BENQ 24" monitor that runs 1080. It was using my old Radeon 4850 before that died. The R7 370 supports DX12 going forward so I didn't want to get an "older" card like the R7 260X or R9 270X. (yes, with vista I only get DX10 but eventually, I'll upgrade it). Oh and did you know the R7 300 series doesn't support any OS prior to Win 7? Like the vista running on my kid's machine... Game breaker for me, so I "sold" it to my best buddy to put in his kid's system which is already on Win 7. Anyway, keep it up as you are now in my weekly list of review/article sites! Note to self - check if I can upgrade in situ with Windows 10 for free... (hmmm - need new install) 2nd Note to self - check when VR Headsets are released as I'll need a better G/card and the old 7950 will go to the kids.... (hmmm Q1 2016!)