Razer Wolverine Ultimate Gamepad for PC and Xbox One

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Those prices. lol
Yes, certainly they're a bit too much.
I had a chance to use a Serval before and compared to an Xbox One controller, I gotta say I enjoyed it a lot more. But, that Razer tax.
Nice try razer. I bought several of their controllers. The sabertooth I think it was called and the one after or before it. 2 in a row and both had to be replaced maybe 5 times in 12 months. They literally last 2 months before you get the thumb sticks crumbling to powder, never ending spinning around in games and broken rumble. They cost $149aus and here I am with an xbox one wireless controller that I've had for 2 years with zero problems and 10 times the build quality. Oh and there is the razer ouroboros mouse that cost me $220 and has pauses and would turn off and have to be disconnected and then reconnect to get it to work again. Razer makes garbage products. I would rather have a no brand mouse and keyboard from an office supply store than one of their products again.
They're out of there minds charging that much for all of that, I rather just keep using my steam controllers and just make an hair trigger with half press or full auto on full press of the trigger buttons. Now if it was an flight stick that came with an rudder stick with advance functionally for flight sims then maybe. But not for an supped up xbox one gamepad. in fact I was joking with an friend, that they should make gamepads with RGB on next, next thing you know it razer went and did that. I think i gonna stop putting ideas in the air. Or they wont stop with just gamepads and maybe do flight sticks next.
I came in here expecting it to cost maybe 75€ and I thought in my mind that would be a little more than I'd like to spend, but might consider it... I was So Wrong lolol
When I start reading this post. I "saw" (in my mind) just 129$ - with already sarcastic smile. But this time Razer beat my imagination haha! Okay.. left the price alone - probably not worhty price. But My real worries are, poor quality controll.. and.. w8 a moment.. 🙂 Not removable battery?! cmon duude! Don't let them rob Us.. better stick with Xbox Pad..? There is enough alternatives on market. Razer must think that He is like Intel in gamming acessories xD
Reminds me of the Xbox-One Elite controller. Also its around the same price as the Elite when it launched. Minus the RGB thing.
Micro usb cable?... hahaha, nobody told them how crappy is this connection on a gamepad?, specially after some use?... and I bet it still uses the same standard cheapo thumb stick pots so prone to drifting with usage. And that awful d-pad, XD. I´d pay $35 tops.
It says the cable is detachable but it doesn't say it can be used wirelessly. That's like the one thing I would actually want a gamepad for is to be able to lean back or move to the couch, and also use for VR so I can swivel around and stuff
I already didnt like the xbox style layout, i never liked them to begin with, but that price ruined any thoughts i had of getting this for pc controlor, to replace my logitech cordless rumblepad 2
Well 180 is cheaper than ms 230 that they charge for it although ms gives you for free the console also !
Crazy money for a controller, especially a third party one as no matter the price i always end up finding them to be lower quality. I have a wired 360 pad, and wireless PS4 and X1 pad that i did used to jump back and forward between but pretty much only use the official X1 pad now.