Noctua NH-U14S DX-4677 Cooler Efficiently Cools 56-Core Xeon at 700 Watts

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While this is impressive, I also think it's a bit misleading. This cooler wouldn't be able to cool every CPU that delivers 700 Watt (& certainly even less in pretty much all cases). This silicon chips of this massive 56 core CPU must have a massive surface area in contact with the IHS, so it enables very efficient heat transfer to the IHS, allows lots of heat to be transferred. So whilst it's impressive the cooler can actually dissipate that much heat from it's cooling fins, it's actually the massive surface area of the chips in contact with the underside of the IHS that enables this to be at all possible. I don't think there's anything particularly that special about this particular Noctua model, as other models like NH-D14 and NH-D15 look like beefier coolers for instance, and then there's a few also beefy & effective air coolers from other companies - I think the 700W dissipation is all about the massive area of the silicon chips in contact with the underside of the IHS. These coolers would struggle with aggressively overclocked regular chips, just like some AIOs, so the 700W is misleading.
Cooling got a whole lot more competitive when Thermalright released the 120m peerless assassin.
WHAT my Noctua D15 can' t cool my 13700k under full load 92C ! i have the backet to line the CPU out and 1 more nuctua fan 120mm
Definitely misleading test, however good a heatsink may be. The thermal density of the W9-3495X is definitely different than, for example, its "cousin" 13900K/KF/KS, despite the 56P-Cores, probably those 700W are comparable to no more than 250 on Raptor-Lake, and I remember that those chips, if left in auto voltage settings, also go to 320W in stock.
I would not call it keep it at 99c (limit) efficently cooling, but hey PR, might be amazing for cosumer cpu though?