Logitech G introduces Prodigy Series Gaming Gear

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No info on keyboard's switches. If it's mechanical at all. It mentions tactile feedback bit on official website it doesn't mention anywhere the word "mechanical". I assume this keyboard is not even mechanical.
O.M.G finally a mouse from Logitech that actually looks good!! Looks kinda fat but should be ok due to being rounded at the right spots. Great sensor with customisable and big dpi range, check. Good shape, check. Low weight, check. Good mouse feet (by the looks of it, check). Customisable weight, nice bonus and check! Insta buy and hopefully time to shelve the Zowie ec2 :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
"I cannot thinm of a single person bothered by the noise a mouse makes when you press the button" Hilbert, you obviously never had to be stuck working in a closed quiet office for 7 hours a day with other people who lets just say border on the autistic side when it comes to double-clicking continuously for those 7 hours. Seriously after a few years it's like those online vidoes where someone snaps and throws the monitor out the window... :bang:
Looks like Logitech final gona release KB that has backlighting RGB at that with palm rest, only thing it missing is macro keys, but 69$ pretty nice compared to there other offerings I wonder if this KB will not suffer from this this losely fited keys that dont even have to be pressed to make noise louder then the typing, By this I mean place you fingers just barrely on top the keys and the slide then across. This noise is louder then actual typing on my desktop wave pro
My Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse is on its last legs and i have a feeling i just found its replacement.
My Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse is on its last legs and i have a feeling i just found its replacement.
Still have my MX518 back from 2006! imo, one of the best mice to ever have my sweaty palms on it. I bought the G500 to replace it but as I'm a laptop gamer the sensor didn't work as well on anything other than hard surfaces so it's now my work mouse. I'll be investigating this one for my partner as she likes the wireless ones for minecrafty stuff.