Lian Li offers 3-in-1 All Aluminum Full Tower ODYSSEY X and prices it $499

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why would you buy this rather than a cheaper Dynamic XL ? even if that was 109$ I would still buy a Dynamic XL edit : is the verticality worth the price ? not for me
For $499 it better have a computer inside it also...
Good gosh, this chip production snafu has everyone greedily inflating prices. I'll pass. My $65 Antec 302 is still running strong today after I bought it several years ago. I've owned a couple of Lian Li all-aluminum cases in the past and really liked both of them. But the most expensive was $300--but it's still going strong housing the wife's system today. I've lost my taste for exotic and expensive cases these days--if I can find something a lot cheaper that tics all the right boxes, that interests me far more. One thing I believe in for a midtower today is depth--the larger the depth of the case the more room you have to work inside it when upgrading components, installing new ones, etc. The Lian Li Aluminum midtower is 26+" deep--plenty big enough but still every bit a midtower. Today you see cases 10-inches more shallow routinely. The Antec is only marginally better at 19" deep--but it's workable. I'm a victim of the Imperial system--I think in inches, feet, and yards--not centimeters and meters.
My 12 year old knight in shining Thermaltake Armor+ is aging pretty well.
I am not sure, but the case reminds me in some way of a silverstone case (canĀ“t remember which) and the cm cosmos series (the newer ones), maybe because I haave a pretty old cosmos II, bought it used, years ago, as far as I remember, for $150.- or so. Screwed away upper and lower handles to make it fit under my table. Dremeled out almost everything to fit a custom water cooling loop. Lian Li cases were always not cheap and quality was okay for the price, but I certainly would not dremel a $500.- case in the same way as I did with mine.
$500 is beyond outrageous. It's just funny.
Still loving my old Antec Twelve Hundred V3
Looks like "DER BAUER" has been busy with consulting work at Lian Li. Nothing like an "Axis Alliance" between Taiwan and Germany. The case appears to be well thought out and be of real quality. I love the clean lines and the looks and feel of smooth aluminum. I usually however purchase all of my cases strictly based on their looks. It actually has become a 'three year ritual' with me and to completely swapping-out cases. Makes me feel like I have a new PC in the house! Very much like my blond girlfriend. Her outside attributes are always clearly and immediately visible. She is high maintenance and expensive. FrIends noted: "Where did you find her? The ODYSSEY X is in the same league, except it does not 'walk the walk' and does not 'talk the talk.' I now remember..."Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder."