Lepa G1600 PSU review and test

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Well, I run 1,2 KW here, no idea if my system even uses that 50%. For now that 50% load, maximum efficiency sweet point is the only reason for having such beasts. Though that reason is slightly crazy, when you have a rig that consumes 50% of the power such PSUs can deliver in the first place 🙂 Well, if the rumored 235W TDP of GeForce Titan are true, a quad SLI setup of those would consume near 1 KW alone, plus the rest of the system. That's where I'd realy pick a PSU with at least 1,5 KW, just to be comfortable.
Hell I'm on 1500W, mainly because *cheap* *Cough* beQUIET *cough* PSUs kept dying on me. Went through 3 of those before finally spending a bit more and getting my current enermax, which has been rock solid since day 1, and utterly awesome.