Guru3D Rig of the Month - April 2020

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Saweeeeeeeet setup! Just seeing this makes me think of the whole backside of th case being a complete radiator!.! Not sure if it's bedn done before, but this build sure made me think of it.
What temps would you get with a setup like that?
Pretty good temps. Idle cpu about 25c and gpu about 20c. Never see anything over 55c while gaming.
Those pictures on the ledge made me nervous!
super clean build ! now that's what I was talking about commenting on the awful Tesla-Origin pc case earlier this is awesome this would make me buy your brand not an average hydro x build in a random container (no disrespect for hydro x I have one)
A single rad supporting a CPU and GPU, NICE!
I'm not enthusiastic about RGB, but with this great looking rig they are a real plus! And the name George gave it; "Dark's iLLuMiNaTioN" is very fitting.
Nice rig of the month, but to me, not the rig of the year. Lacks creativity or craziness.
He's not a man of many words though.
my thoughts exactly 😀