GTA 6 Trailer Breaks Records with Over 100 Million YouTube Views

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Only another 2 years to wait until release.
Two thousand pound pc to play with all bells and whistles, i'll stick to switch2, not even watched trailer.
Hasn't all this "Vice City" stuff been done to death by now. The theme of this game really does not interest me at all 🙁
BOT views. When I seen this it has over 3 million likes, but only 230,000 views. Sad when everyone trying to inflate (lie) about their achievements now.
Do you hear that? That folks is the sound of Rcockstar prepping to make a raid on your wallets. Going to say this now. The poorly optimised, horribly balanced, over price DLC that they have spent a decade forcing in to GTAO, you ain't keeping ANY of that. Rockstar will drop some BS about the new game engine or new internet code or some nonsense BS being the reason but get ready to start from scratch. The next GTAO won't be some next gen next level superior version of GTAO that has all the issues, of which there are many, fixed. It'll be the current GTAO with a new skin and it will be an utter sh*t show at launch. Paid DLC will appear within.... let's say a month, it'll be something new before Rcokstar start selling the current GTAO DLC back to people. Rcokstar will do what they did with RDR2O. They will judge which one makes them money. If there is a sniff of a chance of any money coming from newer GTAO watch as Rcokstar drop all support for and try to shut down the current GTAO as quickly as possible, if the money doesn't flow watch as the new GTAO gets all support dropped ala what happened with RDR2O.