GIGABYTE Launches the AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair

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another rebranded bucket seat.
With the shortages in the semiconductor industry, seems they need to diversify.
Something went wrong here -.- The matching of the materials does not look well made ... Also leather... the worst choice you can make. But we all know players are stupid, naive and hypocrites. So they'll even buy shit wrapped in paper that says "gaming" or "for gamers"
Using a cheap, sh*t tilt and lift baseplate doesn't inspire confidence, should have used the heavy duty knee joint base plate instead, they have obviously cut corners.
chair - $99 chicken head logo - $199
Terrible for comfort, bucket seats are not ergonomic as office chairs. Terrible shoulder support...
Granted they are all the same and I've had a few different brands but I have to say Secret Labs are actually comfortable and actually fit my 6'1 frame to be able to actually use the lumbar and pillow. The lumbar isn't some stupid pillow that doesn't stay in place/fit right or the straps break.