GeForce Experience Gets New Features & Locks Driver Downloads to GFE

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:bang::bang::bang: WOW, this may force me to change team green for team RED.I hope the balls of the person who got this idea will fall off in a super painful way..
The overlay and stuff is awesome. I think making GeForce experience a requirement for drivers is stupid though.
Hah, I'm not changing drivers anytime soon then. Bloody hell... I should have went for the Fury X.
You should be able to get the latest drivers from any hardware company's website. This will not go down well. Forcing people to use anything nowadays always ends up pissing people off. What's next? We are forced to get an Nvidia tattoo on our right hand before purchasing a GeForce GPU? Oh my LArd.
Guess I'm not upgrading drivers anymore then... But hey, gameready driver for Battlefront seemed to make it run worse anyway, so whatevs. I wanted to try out AMD for my next card anyway.
Wow, never thought I'd be forced to start looking for cracked driver installers to avoid the B.S. I have never used any of the N.V b.s. Just the audio, video and phsyx drivers. I always untick the 3d drivers and the rest. No way am I buying another NV card while this is going on.
you can still mod the quadro driver, there is only the driver there. just about going red: there is the same thing on their side, whatever you uncheck the game evolve and playTV it still install some part on the HDD.
C´mon what the **** is this!? Why do i have to install a ****ty software that i don´t want and don´t need to install the drivers i need??? Just **** off Nvidia, the only thing i want from you guys is the video cards, keep the rest of the garbage for others...
Screw Nvidia. I don't want to install a program just to get a bloody driver. Hopefully someone will rehost the exe that experience downloads.
Register with Nvidia to update drivers? who thought about this?!
just horrible
Just bloody stupid, we should not be forced in to having to install all their other crap just to get drivers, they need to do a turn around on this decision..
Sucks, but still better experience than I had with amd drivers over 4 years.
Bye Nvidia. It was a short, mediocre time I had with your devices.
Lol! Knew this was coming! Sayonara Nvidia / end users!
Before I flame and rage over something I'm not sure yet I'll wait and see how this will go. If I understood correct the GFE will get the first wave of drivers so it doesn't say they will post the drivers exclusively there. As long as the drivers are realesing on their website even a bit dealyed I have no problem. The sound of those news is pretty bad though. For now Nvidia is the King and they are taking talented people from AMD like Phil Rogers. Their market share is huge and didn't hurt from this year's issues like the GTX970 memorygate, bad Windows 10 drivers etc. Maybe the majority will like this GFE thing you never know.
Sucks, but still better experience than I had with amd drivers over 4 years.
Quite the opposite for me. I have had more problems with nvidia in the past 2 years then with AMD. I have zero issues with triple monitors and crossfired HD 7950's/ But this is stupid. Seriously stupid. I just ordered 2 R9 290s yesterday before seeing this. My 970s just are not up to snuff ofr 7680x1080 and nvidias surround support is crap.
nvidia desperately want to reduce the market share, the pressure is too high 😀
This is bull crap. That program messes up my PC. Really slow load up times, programs don't always work as they should. As soon as I remove it my PC is fine, I used to use it for Shadowplay but I can't anymore as it just messes up my PC. This is actually enough for me to move to the red side.
While I use gfe for streaming and have no issues with it this is absolutely retarded beyond measure if true. There is no way they will go through with this, would they? :bang: