EK Introduces the Quantum Lumen 7" LCD Case Screen

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Another one of those "But why???" products.

Another one of those "But why???" products.
Seems to be a running theme with EK lately.
there are a few decent applications for this but that doesn't require the luxury cnc it could be molded (and usually is) it is nice to be able to boot from and it would be sick flush mounted in a SFF case but way too much for far too little in the way of application. just using it as a picture frame is stupid but it will be done

This was actually a trend back the days, using your 5.25 or 3.5 inch case front bays for lcd screens, mostly for monitoring/adjusting fans and temperature. They were pretty cool back then. This one placing it inside randomly , doesn't look like it's part of the design.
I remember those and was part of that trend as a teen hah. But since there are no such bays on many modern cases, and , since there are so many clear side panels, I get what they were trying to do. I won't be buying it, though.
It's too big, 5 inch is enough and for a third of the price... If you really want to add something like this just use: https://www.elecrow.com/hdmi-5-inch-800x480-tft-display-for-raspberry-pi-b-p-1384.html Cut a space in the PSU shroud if you have one or add some Velcro to it if you don't have it, add info from AIDA or HWInfo and you will have a nice monitoring screen - again: 5 inch is just enough, 7 inch is too much....something is wrong at the EK lately - gold plated fittings, etc...