Download MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 19

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Great!, thanks very much 😀
Thank you, Beta 18 has worked flawlessly for me and this is a great program. Set it and forget it. You should think about 3.0 final, their is always 3.1. Regards
Hooray! Thanks OP & Alex! 😀
Thanks a lot!
Nice one, thanks.
thanks unwinder & MSI <3
Should have codenamed this: "At Whine's End". Thanks Unwinder!
Thank you Unwinder. Always much appreciated.
Thanks Alex, and thanks OP 🙂
Thank you !
Thank you for the update!
Thanks !!!!
This is great! But... When does it expire?
I'd seriously DO NOT recommend to fall into beta trial period discussion again. That's beta testing term, you won't be able to change it, accept it or leave and stop using AB.
Thank you Unwinder for all your hard work.
Cheers for the update Unwinder. I am pretty new to Afterburner and really appreciate the additions you have made to the Beta over the stock version that shipped with my MSI R9 290X Gaming card. Really Helpful thanks. Also a nice bonus to see it supports my Logitech on screen display - was a lovely surprise ^^
Haven't checked in ia week. and today I get a hunch to check, and its released 😀 thx unwinder and MSI.
Much appreciated
Thanks! ^^