In the latest version of Windows 10, website Petri found information on 'Windows Lite'. According to Petri it is a version of Windows that is focused on Chromebooks, laptops running on Chrome OS. Microsoft has already tried several times to make a lightweight version of Windows, intended for less powerful laptops or tablets: Windows RT and Windows 10 S. The latter was announced in 2017, but early 2018 it was already removed as a separate Windows version.

Petri states that Windows Lite does not become a stand-alone version of Windows that users can buy themselves, but a separate version that is only intended for lightweight laptops. Unlike Windows 10 S, Windows Lite would have its own unique look.

Foldable Windows tablet with Windows Lite

Windows Central  in their end reports on a folding tablet that Windows would work on, under the work name Centaurus. It would be a larger version of the small folding tablet that Microsoft would work on under the codename Andromeda.According to Windows Central , Microsoft has been working on the Centaurus tablet for about a year, and the device would be unveiled in the autumn of 2019. It would be the first of a new type of Windows tablets that work with two screens. Windows Central says that the foldable tablet runs on Windows Core OS, a title that has been around for a while. It seems that Core OS and Windows Lite are the same operating system.