DHzer0point Drivers 0.6766 (ForceWare)

Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified) 118 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn

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Zer0point Drivers are modified Forceware drivers, meaning they are NOT supported or endorsed by nVidia, or any 3rd party OEM manufacturers. They are not covered by any warranty or guarantee, and you install them at your own risk.  Currently these drivers are for all GeForce based desktop cards. (If its not on a laptop, and says either GeForce or Quadro in the name, its supported) Mobile support is, not yet present.

Optimizations for HL2, CS:S, FarCry, Doom3
Fixed installation problem with game Optimizations not installing correctly, if you still have an error when installing the game enhancements ignore it and manually copy the Autoexec.cfg to the correct game directory from the directory where you extracted the drivers, default is C:\Program Files\DHzer0point Drivers

Fixes for SOFII, KOTOR 1&2, and older OGL games
Unified driver architecture, set your quality slider where you wish for increased performance with minimal quality loss
Additional texture formats supported
Mobility support for 6800go only

Known issues:
NASCAR Sim Racing incorrectly reports amount of system memory - frankly we think this is the program being written poorly and although we could fix it for this one specific game it would decrease performance on many others...

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