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Happy 2014 from

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Here at we wish you a very Happy New Year! May the new year bring health happiness and prosperity for everybody, well that and loads and lots of cool new hardware to fool around with alongside the hottest PC games of course. 2013 has been great, and I speak for all of the staff to say to you, have a great one you guys !

AMD Mantle Delayed - BF4 Patch Re-Scheduled for Jan 2014

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AMD issued a statement in which they say that their Mantle technology has been pushed into January 2014 and that there is no firm launch date. AMD showed a public demo by Oxide at APU13, so the API appears to be working and ready for launch.

LG to Unveil Ultra PC 13Z940 and Tab-Book at CES 2014

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LG Electronics (LG) will be unveiling its newest Ultra PC (Model 13Z940) as well as second generation Tab-Book 2 hybrid devices (Models 11T740 and 11T540) at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, running from January 7 - 10, 2014. Featuring slimmer designs, the company's latest PC products weigh less than their predecessors and feature refined, minimalistic form factors. 

ThermoLab GOYO

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ThermoLab will start 2014 with the launch of an aggressive looking yet affordable and rather small (125 x 70 x 135mm / 290g) CPU cooler. The GOYO will work passively with TDP up to 60W and yeah, looks pretty cool huh ? Now don't let the size fool you, as the pictures make it seems bigger then it really is at 125 mm x 70 mm x 135 mm and a wight of just 290 g. 

MSI Shows High Performance Computing Lineup during CES 2014

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MSI Computer Corp, leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, unveils its 2014 lineup during CES in Las Vegas. On display at the MGM Skyline Marquee Suites will be MSI's next-generation GT, GE and GX gaming notebooks, Quadro workstations for mobile professionals, tablets, touchscreen laptops, a brand new 24-inch All-In-One Gaming PC and the recently released 3K GT60.

CIC - Combat Information Center - CryEngine

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YENGINE modder .gametime. has created the following scene - a scene based on Gryphart's concept art for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. According to the modder, this scene has been brought to life thanks to the Crysis 2 Mod SDK. 

Gigabyte R9 290X WindForce X3 OC edition arrives in lab

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More Radeon R9-290X custom cooled pleasure today as the Gigabyte Radeon R9 290X WindForce X3 OC edition arrived in our lab. The card is customized (while following reference specs) is has been beefed up with more expensive components, a factory overclock towards 1040 MHz on the graphics core (memory remains reference) and of course is has been fitted with the popular WindForce X3 cooled.

Samsung to unveil 110-Inch UHD TV Set at CES 2014

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Hummanahummana ! Samsung is going big this year at CES as they will put a new small cute little HDTV on display, it actually is a 110-Inch 3840 x 2160 pixels UHD. So that would be large alright at 2.6-meters by 1.8-meters (8.53 x 5.90 feet).

PowerColor Radeon R9 290X PCS+ has Triple Fan Cooling

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Like all other board partners we'll be seeing a custom Radeon R9 290X soon from PowerColor as well. Photo's of the PCS+ model now have surfaced and it has triple fan cooling. Clock frequencies haven’t released just yet expect a nice little factory overclock from PowerColor around 1040 MHz for core and 5200/5400 MHz memory clock. New photo's reveal the following.

Steam's Weekly Top Sellers December 30 2013

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The last one for this year, check  the ten top selling titles on Steam for Christmas week as reported by Valve:

1. DayZ
2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition
3. Starbound
4. Rust
6. Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
10. Anno 2070: Complete Edition

Intel Lowers Prices on CPUs

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Though it is mostly for mobile processors. Yesterday Intel published a new price list showing some price cuts of up-to a good 25% on 31 CPU models. The desktop chips that are a notch cheaper are three low-power Haswell-based chips, namely the Core i7-4770R, i5-4670R and i5-4570R, all of them 10% cheaper.

AMD A10 "Kaveri" APU Rears its head

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Over at Hermitage Akihabara they have posted a couple of photo's and screenshots on the upcoming A10-7850K, and A10-7700K APUs. The content includes screenshots from CPU-Z but also a test run with CineBench which will show a pretty good indication of its raw CPU performance. AMD is expected to launch its "Kaveri" line of socket FM2+ APUs on January 13-14.

Guru3D Christmas Contest 2013 - Win an AMD Radeon R9 290X

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For gamers who demand the very best, AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics shatter ordinary GPU performance. It's Christmas week 2013 and that traditionally means we start-up contests here at This year we have three competititions and in this specific one you will be on a queste to win an AMD Radeon R9 290X from Gigabyte, powered by that GPU that delivers some serious horsepower when it comes to gaming. We have some great stuff for you to win. 

Read all about this Christmas competition right here.

Guru3D Christmas Contest 2013 - Corsair Fractal Design and G.Skill

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Bring on the Guru Christmas joy, Christmas 2013 is here and that means we start-up our second contest here at as this year we actually have three of them. This contest is a quest to win one of our gorgeous prizes sponsored by Corsair, Fractal Design and G.Skill. And my man do have some great stuff for you to win as we give away a Corsair Hydro Series H75 Liquid CPU Cooler, Corsair RM650 Gold Certified Modular power supply, Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower ATX Case, Fractal Design Arc XL High Airflow Full Tower Case, G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2133MHz CL9-11-11-31 16GB (2x8GB memory kit) and a G.Skill Ripjaws SOdimm 1600 CL9 16GB (2x8GB) memory kit.

Join here to check out the competition.

Vote Guru3D Rig Of The Year 2013 and win games and AMD APUs !

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The year is coming to an end and that means we need you to vote for the Guru3D Rig of the Year 2013. Over the past twelve months you have seen extraordinary, weird, special and downright beautiful builds, but we need to pick a winner, and you guys get to decide that ! 

STREAMZ Smart Streaming Headphones

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STREAMZ, a Mozaex spin-off company, announced today it has released the world's first smart streaming headphones called STREAMZ. STREAMZ are breakthrough headphones that allow you to play music and audio from multiple sources, including onboard stored music, streaming online radio, streamed phone music, plus audio from your TV, movie, and game player. 

Star Citizen crowdfunding nears $35 million

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Star Citizen continues to break all records for crowdfunding, the upcoming space sim has roughly hit the $35 million mark. Interestingly, given that the game has around 330,000 backers, this means the actual amount committed per backer is over $100, far more than what would normally be spent on a AAA game.

AMD Radeon R9 260 and R9 255 for OEMs

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Correct... R9. AMD is spinning around with GPUs and will introduce two sub-$180 graphics cards specifically for OEMs. It is the the "Cape Verde" based Radeon R9 255 and the "Bonaire" based Radeon R9 260.AMD updated its website to show R9 255 and R9 260 in the Radeon R9 section of its OEM products page.

Security vulnerability reported in Samsung's Galaxy S4

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the security platform for Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone suffers from a vulnerability that could allow malware programs to track emails and record data communications. Researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev say that earlier this month they discovered the flaw, which affects phones with the new Knox platform for government and corporate clients.

3d printer that prints figures in jello shots

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This is a close-up of my figures-in-jello-printing 3d-printer hack. Content of the shot glasses is jello (duh), printing fluid is a mixture of banana liquor, food colouring and starch to make it less viscose. Printer is made out of old cdrom drives :-P