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NZXT Trinity Pre-Modified ATX PC case

PC Cases and Modding 223 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0

The Trinity PC casing series is setting a new trend, cheaper priced PC casings from the new NZXT classic line, yet pre-modded and with a certain look and feel to it that makes it very interesting. I say cheaper as the cases you will see today are priced at only 59,00 and that includes VAT/Taxes thus budget wise making it a mid-range product. For that money you'll receive a lovely PC casing with slide in HD mounts, transparent side windows with LED fan, back fan, front door, one temperature probe with LCD display on the front of the casing and all that in a beautifully painted casing. Sound interesting eh ?

VIA Hyperion 4in1 5.00a

Mainboard drivers - VIA 55 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0

VIA Hyperion drivers are suitable for any VIA chipset and all Microsoft Windows 32 bit Operating Systems. Please read the information about all VIA chipset driver choices, however, so that you chose the drivers that can best be recommended for your system.