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Intel Desktop Control Center 1.2.0060

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Now you have control over your desktop PC-- You can easily tune, customize, cool, stress, quiet, or test the system. With IntelĀ® Desktop Control Center you can improve system stability, enhance performance, and control cooling and acoustic characteristics. Available only on performance and enthusiast Intel Desktop Boards, this dynamic application allows you to do more with your desktop board than ever before.

h2o - Premodded Watercooled Case

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H2O-computers specializes in custom solutions. The high-end nifty gear that most of us guru's like so much. If you need a sungle small component for water cooling that fine, do you need a watercooled pre modified case ? That's fine also. Do you need a complete water cooled system, hey .. they offer that as well. In fact their 5000+ system is a pre modified water-cooled Pentium 4 3.2 GHz system default clocked at 3.75 GHz on an Asus P4C800 mainboard with 1 GHz memory and so on ... if you need it then they can make you a complete water-cooled PC.