Intel 14th Generation Core Desktop Processor Lineup Model Numbers Revealed

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Intel inadvertently disclosed the model numbers of its entire forthcoming 14th Generation Core desktop processor lineup in a PDF document originally intended for distribution among its channel partners, with a primary focus on packaging materials. 

Leading the lineup is the Core i9 series, helmed by the Core i9-14900K and its counterpart, the i9-14900KF (absent integrated graphics). These processors are precision-engineered for enthusiasts and boast formidable overclocking capabilities. The rest of the Core i9 series includes the i9-14900, i9-14900F, and i9-14900T. These chips share substantial similarities with the i9-14900K/KF models but diverge in their locked multipliers and more conservative power thresholds.

Advancing to the Core i7 series, it encompasses five SKUs: the i7-14700K, i7-14700KF, i7-14700, i7-14700F, and i7-14700T. Significantly, information gleaned from earlier sources implies that the 14th Gen Core i7 processors see a generational augmentation in core count, featuring 8 primary cores and 12 efficient cores, in conjunction with 33 MB of L3 cache.


The Core i5 family constitutes the most extensive segment of the 14th Generation lineup, classified into three distinct subclasses. Leading the pack are the Core i5-14600K and i5-14600KF models, rumored to sport a core configuration of 6 primary cores and 8 efficient cores, each endowed with larger 2 MB L2 caches for the primary cores and 4 MB L2 caches for the efficient core clusters. Trailing behind are the i5-14600 (non-K), i5-14600T, i5-14500, and i5-14500T processors, all sharing a 6P+8E configuration but featuring smaller 1.25 MB L2 caches per primary core and 2 MB L2 caches per efficient core cluster.

Towards the lower echelons of the spectrum, we encounter the Core i5-14400, i5-14400F, and i5-14400T, marked by a 6P+4E configuration, with 1.25 MB L2 cache allocated per primary core and 2 MB L2 cache reserved for the single efficient core cluster.

The Core i3 category offers merely three SKUs: the Core i3-14100, i3-14100F, and i3-14100T, conceivably featuring 4 primary cores devoid of efficient cores and showcasing performance enhancements relative to the preceding generation.

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