EK Adds Frosted Plexi Velocity CPU Blocks

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 The new Velocity is special for the frosted acrylic top piece, bringing unique aesthetics that aligns with the modern frosted tubing. As an added benefit, the frosted acrylic top allows for an even better diffusion of the 20 digitally addressable RGB LEDs.

The name of this water block – Velocity – was inspired by the necessity to be lean and agile in the world of liquid cooling. A high-performance CPU water block is no good if it’s too restrictive on the flow and bottlenecking your entire cooling loop. Efficient coolant flow and performance should go hand in hand, and neither of the two should be sacrificed. These blocks come in two variants – AMD and Intel.

EK-Quantum Velocity, the high-performance premium quality CPU water block, is featuring the 5th iteration of the award-winning EK cooling engine which is further tweaked to perfection. Built upon more than a decade of experience in liquid cooling, the newest update features a frosted acrylic top that diffuses 20 separately addressable LEDs, which are evenly surrounding the water block housing. EK-Quantum Velocity series CPU water blocks are compatible with the majority of consumer CPU sockets on the market. They feature a universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less installation, supporting Intel LGA-1200, LGA-115x, and Intel 20xx Sockets, as well as the AMD AM4 socket, respective to the CPU block model.

One block costs 100 EUROs.

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