AMD Strix Point Notebook Processors to Feature XDNA 2 NPU Architecture: Enhanced AI Performance

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In the pursuit of advancing AI capabilities, the tech industry is increasingly turning its attention to NPUs (Neural Processing Units). AMD, after unveiling the Ryzen 8040 series of notebook processors under the Hawk Point codename, has now divulged details about another series, code-named Strix Point. Previously, there were reports indicating that Strix Point would incorporate the Zen 5 processor architecture along with the RDNA 3+ GPU architecture. However, AMD has officially confirmed that it will also integrate the XDNA 2 NPU architecture into the NPU component to significantly enhance AI performance. As per the insights shared by AMD during the Advance AI event, Strix Point's AMD Ryzen AI processor's NPU is expected to deliver up to three times the AI performance compared to previous iterations. To put this into perspective, the current Phoenix NPU achieves a performance rating of 10 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second), while the recently launched Hawk Point boasts 16 TOPS. Strix Point, with its incorporation of the XDNA 2 NPU architecture, represents a promising advancement in AI capabilities. 

The anticipated availability of Strix Point notebook processors is scheduled to commence in 2024.

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