A Bioshock fan showcases Unreal Engine 5 remake

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After previously remastering the first Bioshock game in Unreal Engine 4, modder Noodlespagoodle decided to convert his work into Unreal Engine 5 and make a few adjustments to make the game even better. 

In addition to using the original textures from the game and making minor adjustments, the project gives us a glimpse of what a modern remake of Bioshock would look like. The animations aren't perfect, but this demo plays virtually precisely like the original version, with the same user interface, environments, and characters as the original version. This project involves only a small piece of the game and will not be made public since Take-Two Interactive, the studio that created the game, has a policy of suspending these types of projects when they get too time-consuming. Thus, it simply assists us in visualizing how this game might appear today, rather than playing it as if we were playing it in the perfect scenario.

Regarding the franchise's future, we only know that the Cloud Chamber studio will be working on the next part of the series, but we don't have any other information about it at this time. Bioshock was first launched in 2007 and has since had a little remastering that was made available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016.

A Bioshock fan showcases Unreal Engine 5 remake

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