AMD Ryzen R7, R5 and R3 Processor Line-up listed

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It's going to take amd's 8/16 zen to compete with i7 6700k/7700k??? A 4/8 CPU? I hope that's some kind of joke or something? I still feel they won't be able to catch intel in the gaming benchmarks but I am hyped to see how this is going to play out! Iam not buying anything until I see user benchmarks from Zen. I was about to pull the trigger on Kaby-lake 7700k but I will wait this out.
They had to copy Intel and their stupid names....
Smart move actually. So Joe Average can see at a glance i3 = R3, i5 = R5, i7 = R7. Better than having to memorize two entirely different naming schemes and additionally remembering which compares to which.
This chart seems sketchy to me. I thought that AMD was aiming for the stock clocks to be what this chart has as the boosts?
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I highly doubt that this "leak" is even remotely accurate. While these CPUs in these configurations might be sold at some point, I doubt they will use these names. Especially the comparison to the Intel counterpart makes no sense... unless Ryzen will be worse than we expect: How does a 8C/16T Ryzen (aka "R7 1700") share the performance of a 4C/8T intel (i7-7700)? We nearly have such a multithreaded performance when we face an ancient 8c bulldozer against the i7-7700... This news makes no sense. Probably just some trolly bull**** someone pulled out of their butts. Let's wait for the official announcement instead of these unreliable bollocks rumors
I don't necessarily think the chart is real either - but as far as 8/16 sharing with 4/8 - the clockspeed on the 4/8 is significantly faster. So basically any application that isn't multithreaded is going to heavily favor the Intel chip. And when AMD is selling these to customers, they can't just price/compare them with apps that have perfect multithreaded scaling. The majority of general PC applications won't benefit at all from the extra cores.
Line up is probably real, but performance comparison is a total hoax. Or even probably false marketing.
***12388; ***9685;_***9685; ***3901;***12388; Give Opteron for desktop EDIT: unicode disabled? -.- Are we back to 80' ?
PII x3 says high. #alternativefacts
That was a disabled core, not disabled features in the CPU. Unless I remember wrong.
I can't believe this spoiler lol
its funny, how many people instantly assume its a performance chart, and say ryzen is a "bad" cpu (vs intel), only to turn around and then say "its a fake list". since amd vs intel, how many times was amd actually ahead in performance? how many years did they beat intel in price? the fact that almost all "official" tests we've seen so far point towards "almost as fast.." (as intel), makes me think this is a PRICE based comparison. Given amds market is mainly with lower priced machines/customers, this makes completely sense, as its a great way to get ppl to switch, as i get almost same ipc as intel, maybe even with more cores, at lower price. and exactly what i've been waiting for, as im not willing to shell out 400$ for a (old) 5820, even that i've seen some in-store offers around 300ish, i still prefer to either spend less (same cores), or the same and get a 8/16 cpu.
More like a sneak preview for me. Can't wait for the head to head reviews!
A lot of speculation going around about Ryzen, here are a couple of things we do know and I personally don't like them. Only has 24 pcie lanes which of course limits your abilty to upgrade your rig, and ddr4 memory is limited to 2400mhz on first generation motherboards. May be able to finagle 3000mhz if you hit the motherboard lottery and know how to squeeze it out of it. This doesn't sound like a hot new Intel "killer" to me. If this is the best it can do it sounds like a death rattle instead of a strong new heartbeat for AMD.
Who knows what the X or the other naming conventions mean. It was already officially stated that all the cpus are unlocked.
ddr4 memory is limited to 2400mhz on first generation motherboards
i know for a fact the x370 titanium from MSI is supporting ddr4 2667 out of the looking at a pic from their display booth right now. ive heard talk that the zen ES have trouble getting over ~3000ish but that could be entirely mobo related for all we know.
Isn't intels official ddr4 support also capped only 2400 but really go much higher by technically overclocking? Even if these only go to 3000mhz that's plenty ram makes negligible first difference in gaming and real world use.
I think that it should be "Price Point" comparison and not Performance.
I fully agree with this. The rest of the table and "news" does not make any sense considering previous more legitimate articles. No one mentioned any 6 core parts, except that there was some confirmation that "it's possible to manufacture". And the fact they comparing 6c/12t to 4/8 intel part, it's just to try to allege that ryzen will not be as fast and to influence amd stock prices which are on the rise at the moment.
Yes, that is currently the case. Though, vendors are releasing (OC)memory approaching double can already buy 4200 C19, from Corsair for example.
DDR4 4200 however does not offer 16GB modules which is minimum requirements for me and 3866 are still damn expensive, especially now when memory modules are going up. I am probably going for Gskill Trident Z 2x16GB 3200MHz @ CL16 as I managed to find one for about 30% lower price, just thinking about pulling trigger on it during today. Update: Just ordered it as it seems Gskill memory modules are quickly disapearing from local shops: Now only new Mobo and CPU remains....
Not really interested in following leaks, rumors and presumed "facts" all too closely. Until Hibert's review, I'm not really looking for those droids, and will move on 😉