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Enermax Infiniti 650W PSU review

PSU - Power Supply Units 106 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0

We here at we believe these little masters of distribution are a key element in your PC. Ask yourself, what do you need if you build a high-end PC with for example demanding graphics cards? What do you do when a system is getting unstable? What is very important if you overclock a PC? I could go on for a while easily, but the generic answer always is the PSU. One of the most underestimated peripherals in the PC. Today we'll gawp (for a change) not at a KiloWatt PSU, yet we can lower the price a little. Granted, it's still a high-end PSU that will still cost a good amount of money. It's the all new Enermax Infinity 650 Watt. And Kilowatt or not, we'll still throw everything at the PC that we can humanly, possibly do to get it unstable with a high wattage load to see if we can break it. I hope one day we'll succeed. :)