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Radeon HD 2400 XT and 2600 XT review

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AMD has now launched no less than five desktop graphics cards, in the high-end range you'll see the 80nm fabrication process Radeon HD 2900 XT, a product that is still discussed a lot for sure. But there are four other products as well. ATI is also launching an all new Radeon 2400 and 2600 series (low- and mid-range); and we'll have a look at them today.

Revoltec Zirconium PC chassis review

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Guru3d will peek at a new casing from the guys at Listan. Who you ask ? Listan .. the guys behind the beQuiet series power supplies and .. Revoltec. This is the second line Listan is promoting aside from their BeQuiet! PSU lineup, is their Revoltec brand. This brand sells coolers, case-mod gear, fans but also cases. This is the new RT-101 Zirconium chassis.

CoolIT FreeZone CPU cooler review

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So the CoolIT FreeZone is not a 100% water-cooling system as you and I know. Unlike most similar products, the Freezone doesn't use a radiator. Instead, it uses its proprietary Chiller module which simply are the TECs or peltiers elements to chill the liquid coolant. By doing so it provides far greater thermal efficiency.