Microsoft To Launch DirectSR API to Standardize Super Resolution in Games

Microsoft announced DirectSR, a new API for DirectX that streamlines the inclusion of super resolution technology in games. This API offers a standardized method for implementing super resolution, enabling easier adoption across various hardware platforms without requiring developers to choose from numerous upscaling options or dedicate resources to extra development and support. Super Resolution techniques, which enhance game resolution and visual quality, are made more accessible through DirectSR by ensuring compatibility with different hardware configurations.

DirectSR facilitates the use of multiple super resolution technologies by providing a standardized set of inputs and outputs, allowing developers to employ a single codebase for different technologies like NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FidelityFX, and Intel XeSS. The API will be part of the Agility SDK for a public preview, encouraging developer engagement and feedback.

In a blog post, Joshua Tucker from Microsoft discussed the joint effort with GPU manufacturers in creating DirectSR to streamline the integration of super resolution technologies in gaming. This API not only makes the process more straightforward across various technologies but also guarantees that DirectSR-enabled games are compatible with a wide range of hardware. Tucker clarified that DirectSR is designed to work alongside existing technologies such as FSR, DLSS, and XeSS, serving as a unified gateway to these options. The upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) will provide further details on how DirectSR can improve gaming experiences.


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