ZOTAC To Offer High-end PCIe SSD

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Little is known about this PCIe SSD, but Zotac is announcing it. This PCI-Express SSD will be able to perform at the 2GB/sec marker and is based on the entry-level Phison NAND controller.

The NAND itself is based on Toshiba, which is rumored at 10nm (that would be new information for me btw) and indicative of 3D Stacked NAND. The half-height add-on card features an integrated heat-spreader, with a back-plate. It interfaces with your system over PCIe gen 3.0 x4, and is bootable.

"Go maximum speed with the new PCI-E SSD. ZOTAC SSDs have been gaining traction with the launch of award-winning Premium Edition SSDs, expanding gamer choices with more durable and speedier storage solutions. The success of the Premium SSDs have provided grounds for an even faster storage solution - the flagship ZOTAC PCI-e SSD, with near quadruple speeds of ZOTAC Premium SSDs."

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