Zalman Gaming Keyboards Five of Them

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Zalman is releasing Gaming Keyboards, actually Five of them. Over at the Asian Akihabara words spread fast that the gaming keyboards will come in no less than five new models of all shapes and sizes. These include the 94-key compact mechanical ZM-K500, ZM-K400G, ZM-K350M, and the all-purpose ZM-K300M and ZM-K200M (pictured below in that order). The five are designed with highly durable switches that can withstand up to 2 billion key presses. 

Measuring 352 x 169 x 36 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 850g, the ZM-K500 is priced at 5,480 JPY (US $70.5). The ZM-K400G is the other red-illuminated keyboard in the series, and is decked with macro keys along its top edge, and a total key-count of 119. It measures 463 x 191 x 30 mm, weighing 700 g, and is priced at 2,980 JPY (US $38.35). Moving on, the ZM-K350M, ZM-K300M, and ZM-K200M are entry-level models with Windows shortcut keys that can be reprogrammed to serve as macros. The three are priced at 1,180 JPY (US $15.8), 850 JPY ($10.5), and 780 ($10) JPY, respectively.

Thanks TPU and Hermitage Akihabara

Zalman Gaming Keyboards Five of Them

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