Z390 and X399 Chipset Confirmed through Intel

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A new leak, this time Intel itself has confirmed the existence of the Z390 chipset. We've talked and heard quite a bit about the Intel Z390 chipset, would it ever be released, and if so when? New info appeared, this time from Intel, including an X399 chipset as well.

Two weeks ago Biostar already made a booboo with the B360GT3S manual, but it's also intended for the Z390GT3. How would you know? Well, the cover reveals everything I'd say ;)

Z390 has been discussed a lot, it should be a chipset intended for 8-core Coffee Lake CPUs. Biostar calls a maximum CPU TDP of 95 watts for the board design, indicating that IF there would be an 8-core part, it would have a 95W TDP. The manual does disclose that this chipset can overclock, other than that there is no other information that would be helpful.

The Intel leak now confirms Z390 and the rest of 300-series chipsets for Coffee Lake (CFL) and Cannon Lake (CNL) CPUs.

The document also shows Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake series (HEDT) designed for a X399 chipset, a name already taken by AMD for their Threadripper platform. With Computex closing in, we expect Z390 and X399 rather sooner than later. It will be interesting to see if Intel actually will release a mainstream 8-core processor to match the chipset. The information can be derived and spotted from this Intel RTS product PDF.

Via SH SOTH (email), VideocardzIntelMomomo

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