You will still need to activate Windows XP after April 8th

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With Windows XP now set to lose all security and software update support from Microsoft on April 8th, some Windows 7 users might be wondering about the future of "XP mode" as well. ZDNet reports that, according to a statement from Microsoft, the company has no plans to release a patch for Windows 7 that does away with "XP mode".

Having said that, Microsoft states that people who continue to use that feature to run older programs in Windows 7 could still face security risks because Windows XP won't get any more updates in less than three months. In other words, it's best to simply stop using "XP mode" after April 8th. 

ZDNet also reports that if, for some reason, you want to install Windows XP on your PC after April 8th, Microsoft will still require that the OS be activated before it can run on your computer. A spokesperson said, "Computers running Windows XP will still work, they just won't receive any new security updates.

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