Xe GPU marketing managers Chris Hook and Heather Lennon leave Intel

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You've heard us writing about Chris Hook a couple of times already, he followed Raja Koduri towards Intel and was responsible for all AMD Marketing GPU related, with a similar position at Intel.  At the time that news was in the category 'hell froze over'. As it seems, he now left Intel, not even waiting on the Xe launch.

Earlier today the news made rounds, and as we did not want to write about the news (as it was unconfirmed, facebook and linkedin showed them still at Intel) and news on a personal level we try to limit as much as possible. However it has now become clear there's more going on, Jon Carvill left, Chris Hook left and Heather Lennon (ex AMD), all left Intel. Lennon was a marketing manager at AMD for many years, it is quite remarkable that the two are already leaving before the release of Intel's GPU architecture, 'Xe'.

And yes, Jon Carvill also left Intel, working on the Nuvia chip startup. SemiAccurate where this news was first posted mentions that both Chris and Heather will move to Nuvia, although both have not commented on this yet. Hook tweets that his departure is indeed confirmed and also confirmed the departure of Lennon. We wish them well on their new endeavors.


Sources: SemiAccurate , Chris Hook (Twitter)

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