Windows 7 Boosts Hyper-Threading Support

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It is incredible how big the Windows 7 marketing spin doctors are at work lately. Every couple of days you see a new 'positive' effect if Windows 7 being leaked and all websites are posting about it.

Microsoft has clearly setup a very big spin-doctor campaign. So the latest one would be this InformationWeek has an interesting article on Hyper-Threading enhancements in Windows 7. Here's a bit:

"The work that we've done in Windows 7 in the scheduler and the core of the system to take full advantage of those capabilities, ultimately we think we can deliver a great and better experience for you," said Veghte, speaking earlier this week at Microsoft's TechEd conference in Los Angeles.

Windows 7's improved hyper-threading support could be good news for users of processor-intensive applications, such as 3-D games and graphics programs. The catch is that the applications themselves must be written in such a way as to take advantage of hyper-threading. To date, only a small percentage of apps include that capability.

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