Windows 7 Beta Goes Public + download links

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Here are a couple of very fast direct links for you for Windows 7 beta 32-bit and Windows 7 beta 64-bit.

These are straight from Microsoft and the transfer rate right now on my download is 900Kb/sec. These are straight from Microsoft. This is a DVD ISO, which you'll need to burn on a DVD. Download the ISO, burn a DVD and start living the ultra-fantastic lifestyle of a Windows 7 user. The Beta expires August 1, 2009.

The new version has been well received by testers and certainly it looks good in demos. Gadgets can now be anywhere in the desktop rather stuck in a bar at the side but the biggest difference is in the revamped task bar.

However, I will have to wait for Microsoft to get things straightened out before I can get a working key. Here is a short video demonstrating some of the new features in Windows 7.


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