Windows 11 update fixes a problem that caused the PC to take up to 40 minutes to boot.

This week update KB5012643 has been made available by Microsoft as an optional update for the Windows 11 operating system. It fixes a number of bugs, including one that caused the operating system to take up to 40 minutes to start up, which is now fixed.

According to Microsoft's support site, Windows 11 version 22000.652 is the new version of Windows 11. In addition to fixing bugs, with slow boot being the most common one, the update also makes it easier for the company to update parts of the Secure Boot feature, making it easier for them to do so. Users who want to get the update for Windows 11 can now do so through Windows Update now. You can download the update manually if you want to install it on a lot of computers at the same time. To do this, go to this link.

Keep in mind that the update is optional. If your computer is not affected by some of the bugs that were fixed by the KB5012643 update, it is better to wait until Microsoft releases its monthly updates on May 10th, so that you don't have to deal with any kind of surprise.

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