Windows 11 Pro beta leaks : refreshed interface with round edges and more

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The new Windows will indeed go under the name Windows 11. Some screenshots have appeared on the Chinese forum Tieba Baidu, a download link of the new operating system has now also surfaced. Some users have already been able to see the new Windows version in action.

Leaked screenshots of the preview of Windows 11 Pro confirm that this will be the name of the new generation of the operating system most popular in the PC market. The new captures show a build called 21996.1, which uses an interface very similar to the one designed for the canceled Windows 10X , giving force to the rumors that Microsoft had not canceled this project, but redesigned it to become Windows 11.

addition to a new wallpaper and a modern startup sound , the interface has also been refreshed. As expected, many elements of Windows 10X have been used in this new design. For example, the taskbar has been provided with new icons, which are also centered. In addition, the start menu looks a lot sleeker, including rounded corners.

The taskbar and Start menu are now centered, possibly thinking of supporting different laptop formats, which was what Windows 10X was aiming for. In addition, in later captures we also see redesigns in several of Microsoft's applications, which results in a much more modern interface than that currently used in Windows 10. Unfortunately there is not much information about what news Windows 11 Pro will bring beyond this aesthetic redesign, so we will have to wait until June 24 to know all the details of this new operating system during the Microsoft conference.

We leave the rest of the filtered captures below so that you can see what to expect aesthetically from the new Windows 11:

Windows 11 Pro beta leaks : refreshed interface with round edges and more

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