Wieland Prototype Pumpless 240mm AiO Cooler vs. Traditional Pump-Powered Rival

The prototype by Wieland, a company based in Germany, has shown promising cooling capabilities in a series of tests conducted by the der8auer. This innovative closed-loop liquid CPU cooler employs thermosyphon technology, providing a distinct choice compared to standard AiO coolers by eliminating the need for a pump and utilizing natural convection for fluid movement. This results in quieter operation, albeit with a slight reduction in cooling efficiency.

In comparative tests with a conventional 240mm AIO liquid CPU cooler on an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor with a 170W TDP, Wieland's prototype exhibited a temperature 8°C higher during a Cinebench R23 stress test. However, it still offers a valuable alternative for those who value lower noise levels and enhanced reliability over maximum cooling performance.


The design of the prototype, characterized by cylindrical components and connecting tubes to the CPU block, suggests potential for further improvements in efficiency. Although it operates at somewhat higher temperatures than traditional AIO coolers, the prototype presents a feasible option, especially for users in noise-sensitive and reliability-critical environments. Wieland's ongoing development and research into thermosyphon technology indicate its potential to become a significant contender in the liquid cooling sector, despite hurdles like cost and the need for further refinement.

Sources: Der8auer (YouTube)VideoCardz

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