Western Digital introduces a 20TB NAS HDD with 64GB iNAND.

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Western Digital reelases two 20TB versions of the WD Gold and WD Ultrastar DC HC560 in late 2021. Both drives were created with large corporate customers and data centers in mind.

The new WD Red Pro 20TB serves a distinct purpose. The release is intended for NAS devices used by small and medium-sized organizations. Nine 2.2TB platters total 20TB. To accelerate data transfers, the drive employs conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology. The model is 3.5 inches in size and still operates on SATA.

Western Digital has been using OptiNAND technology to increase the capacity of new drives. To support OptiNAND, the WD Red Pro 20TB comes with an iNAND UFS flash drive (EFD). There has been no formal confirmation of the NAND memory capacity of the disk. According to Heise Medien, a German news site, a Western Digital management said that the disk contained 64GB of NAND.

The maximum data transfer rate is 268 Mbps. As a result, the WD Red Pro 20TB competes with corporate alternatives. For example, the WD Ultrastar DC HC560 was developed for data centers but is just one Mbps faster. The WD Red Pro 20TB is now available for purchase for $499.99

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